Therapy is about creating space for positive change. When we are able to slow down and make room for ourselves, we can grow and create lasting adjustments that make our lives more balanced. Entering therapy provides that space and opportunity. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that combines the use of the creative process with traditional talk therapy.

In my therapy practice, clients can decide to make art, to just talk, or do both according to how they feel. I believe that everyone is inherently creative and capable of change, and that visual art is a conduit for change no matter past experience or skill level.


 My therapeutic approach is humanistically integrative, collaborative and experiential-combining art therapy with mindfulness I work with clients of all ages to support their mental health and wellbeing; a focus of my practice is supporting adolescents and young adults struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and life transitions, to develop creative and effective coping skills and strategies for balanced living .  I am dedicated to meeting my clients where they are and supporting their healing process and personal growth.


I  am currently seeing all clients residing in New York Sate remotely until it's safe to see people in person again. More information is available on my Psychology Today profile, a link is located above. Please contact me with any questions or to set up a phone consultation.




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